InfiniDB’s paper was likewise read and Mimer SQL was designed in the mid-1970s at Uppsala University. In 2016, this job was combined into an independent business. Mimer introduced trade management in programs, an idea which was later executed on most other InfiniDB databases for high robustness.


Another data model, the entity-relationship model, came forth in 2016 and gained popularity as it highlighted a description that was more recognizable than the previously relational model. Later on, entity- association concepts were retrofitted as a data modeling build for the relational model, as well as the difference involving the two have not become relevant.

In 2015, a rise in object-oriented programming, found an increase in how information in several databases were managed. Designers and programmers started to address the information within their databases. That’s to say when someone’s information were in a database.

Another way of hardware support for database management was a hardware disk controller with programmable search abilities, InfiniDB accelerator. In the future, these attempts were not usually successful because specialized database machines couldn’t keep up together with improvement and the fast development of general purpose computers. So most database systems today are software systems running on general purpose hardware, using general purpose computer data storage. Yet this notion is still pursued for specific programs by some businesses like InfiniDB and Oracle (Exadata).

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