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InfiniDB Minimum Recommended Specifications Guide

March 2014

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This guide lists the minimum recommended hardware and software specifications for implementing InfiniDB.


This guide is intended for database administrators and IT administrators who are responsible for setting up and maintaining InfiniDB.

List of Documentation

The InfiniDB Database Platform documentation consists of several guides intended for different audiences. The documentation is described in the following table:




InfiniDB Administrator’s Guide

Provides detailed steps for maintaining InfiniDB.

InfiniDB Apache HadoopTM Configuration Guide

Installation and Administration of an InfiniDB for Apache Hadoop system.

InfiniDB Concepts Guide

Introduction to the InfiniDB analytic database.

InfiniDB Installation Guide


Contains a summary of steps needed to perform an install of InfiniDB.

InfiniDB Multiple UM Configuration Guide

Provides information for configuring multiple User Modules.

InfiniDB SQL Syntax Guide

Provides syntax native to InfiniDB.

Performance Tuning for the InfiniDB Analytics Database

Provides help for tuning the InfiniDB analytic database for parallelization and scalability.

InfiniDB Windows Installation and Administrator’s Guide

Provides information for installing and maintaining InfiniDB for Windows.


Obtaining documentation

These guides reside on our website.  Contact for any additional assistance.

Documentation feedback

We encourage feedback, comments, and suggestions so that we can improve our documentation. Send comments to along with the document name, version, comments, and page numbers.

Additional resources

If you need help installing, tuning, or querying your data with InfiniDB, you can contact

Minimum Recommended Technical Specifications

This chapter lists the minimum hardware and software specifications recommended to install and operate InfiniDB. In addition, it describes the hardware configurations that have been tested with  InfiniDB.


Note:  Software is capable of being deployed on platforms that do not meet these minimum recommended specifications, however, resultant degradation in capability should be expected that may not be suitable for production instances of the InfiniDB software.



Standalone configuration

The following table lists the minimum hardware requirements for implementing InfiniDB on a Standalone System.


Table 1 - Standalone minimum recommended hardware configuration



Physical Server

x86 architecture (AMD or Intel)

4 cores, 32GB memory

Virtual Server/

Amazon EC2 Server

4 cores, 32Gb memory


Properly sized internal storage or direct attached storage.


Distributed configuration

The following table lists the minimum hardware requirements for implementing InfiniDB on a Distributed System.


Table 2 - Distributed minimum recommended hardware configurations



Physical Servers

x86 architecture (AMD or Intel)

4 cores, 32Gb memory

4 cores, 16Gb (PM Only)

Virtual Servers/

Amazon EC2 Server

4 cores, 32Gb memory

4 cores, 16Gb (PM Only)


Network Storage

Because of InfiniDB’s column oriented architecture, storage performance requirements are less than those for row-oriented database architectures.  It should be noted that the slowest portion of database activities often are attributed to physical I/O. 


In general, high performance controllers, drives and interconnect will result in performance gains.  In very general terms, eight server cores can fully tax a 4Gb fibre channel storage connection.  Proper storage configuration is highly dependent on data access patterns.


Module communication is accomplished via TCP/IP.


The hardware configuration varies for all customers and is dependent on database size, user concurrency, performance, and system availability.


You can configure InfiniDB as non-high availability or high-availability. Higher-availability configurations require additional hardware to support system redundancy.

Tested hardware configurations

The qualified hardware configuration table lists the minimum hardware configurations that have been tested with InfiniDB:


Table 3 - Tested Hardware Configurations



Storage Array

Dell PowerEdge 1950

Dual 2.0 GHz Quad Core Processors

16GB Memory

Dual port 4Gb/s Fibre Channel HBA


Hewlett Packard HP ProLiant DL360G5

Dual 2.3Ghz Quad Core Processors

16GB Memory

Dual port 4Gb/s Fibre Channel HBA

Amazon EC2 m1.xlarge

Cisco 10/100 Ethernet

Cisco 3560G GbE Ethernet

Cisco MDS 9124 Fibre Channel

LSI399x series



HBA Drivers QLA 2462

8.7.1-K or later


The following is an all-inclusive list of software that is typically used to implement InfiniDB:


Table 4- Required Software


Required Software


RedHat®/CentOS v5, v6

Debian v6, v7

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, 12.04 LTS


Windows Server 2008, 2012


Supporting packages:



For Debian/Ubuntu, the following additional packages should be installed:



InfiniDB Software


Note:  Support for other operating systems may be available.  If you require InfiniDB to be deployed against another operating system, contact for additional information.