11+ Letter Of Recommendation Template Download!!

    Letter Of Recommendation Template

    Looking to recommend an outstanding candidate but not sure of the format to follow? You can make use of the templates here.

    Purpose of a letter of recommendation – Sample letter of recommendation

    A recommendation letter is used at a number of places – at educational institutions and place of employment. It is of high value and that is the reason for you to draft it professionally and make use of a suitable template.

    • This letter informs the reader about the personality and efficiency of candidate
    • A recommendation document eliminates all the hurdles faced so far in his/her career as the person is now one step towards the accomplishment of a goal.
    • It allows the receiver to take a quick decision about the candidate.
    • The extra confirmation about the person’s capability increases the chances of success.

    Sample recommendation letter templates

    The format to draft the document for student and employee differs just like in the case of high school diploma template. There are many instances where this document is required and an authorized individual endorses the candidate.

    Sample Letter Of Recommendation Template

    Letter Of Recommendation Format

    For example, you may have to draft for a student for high school or a professional degree course like MBA. On the other hand, employees ask their fellow colleagues to offer a recommendation statement that will be useful to the management and also to other organizations where the employee will work at a later time.

    Sometimes, this statement is enclosed along with scholarship application or issued by an authorized individual to a known person who is applying for a particular position in a company. The choice of keywords is important when you draft the letter.

    Letter Of Recommendation Template

    Letter Of Recommendation Template

    You can notice from these templates that the purpose is conveyed clear at the first place and the candidate’s performance is detailed with relevant words.

    Here is another version that you can make use of:

    Letter Of Recommendation Template PDF

    Checklist for a perfect letter of recommendation sample – How to write a letter of recommendation

    An endorsement is all about leaving a positive note about the candidate and the key to such a note is the accuracy of information and the choice of language to convey the same.

    Before you choose an existing template or create one on your own, your statement should essentially take the following aspects into consideration.

    • Does the first section hook the reader and inform the association with the candidate?
    • To make it a positive statement, check if it has sufficient reasons and evidence to support your character and ability that are needed for the position.
    • Since the letter has to come from a reputable dignitary, make sure that the seal or complete information of the person is added either in the header or in the signature column.
    • Proofread the statement before it is forwarded as a document with errors is useless and only degrades the candidate’s value further.


    Even if you download an existing template, always read and edit such that it applies to the position or purpose of your choice. Since it is a cumbersome task, you also need to maintain a copy of it for reference in the future. Or, simply use our recommended templates!