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    As your data grows, so does your analytics platform

    Built for

    Columnar design enables queries
    to run faster


    Built to be simple to use, manage and maintain


    The freedom, flexibility, and cost-savings of open source

    MySQL ® Accessible

    If you know MySQL, you know InfiniDB

    Easy to

    Transform solutions without compromising performance

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    We Love Apache Hadoop

    InfiniDB for Apache Hadoop

    integrates with the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
    and enables you to perform real-time, high-performance, ad hoc analytics
    within your Apache Hadoop Cluster, using familiar SQL tools and know-how.

  • Do Big Data From Anywhere. InfiniDB is simple to set up and can be used on premise or in the cloud.

    Dynamic provisioning makes it easy for you to deploy massively scalable,
    high performance analytics applications in Amazon Web Services® (AWS).

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    is raising the bar for query performance while making it easier for you to do sophisticated analytics against massive, multi-structured data sets using a familiar SQL interface


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