cpimport table lock error with tungsten replicator

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Jon Israelson
cpimport table lock error with tungsten replicator

I am trying to replicate a simple table from MySQL to InfiniDB (4.6.0) using Tungsten Replicator (2.2).  Everything works up to the point where Tungsten invokes cpimport, which generates the following error:


ERR  : Unable to acquire lock for table test.stage_xxx_sample; OID-3273; table currently locked by process-DMLProc; pid-758; session-8; txn-49 [1203]


The cpimport command used is:


cpimport test stage_xxx_sample /tmp/staging/staging0/test.sample.csv -s ',' -E '"'


I can execute the cpimport command using the same user account that runs Tungsten and have the import work successfully.  I ran the viewtablelock utility, but no locks were found.  Running cpimport with debug info (-d 3) doesn't give any additional clues.  


Has anyone seen this or have any tips for finding the source of locks?