cpimport err after removing a pm

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cpimport err after removing a pm

I got a problem when I use cpimport to load data into infinidb after removing a pm

The cluster had um1,pm1,pm2,pm3.

then pm2 couldn't be used any more for some err.

So I remove the pm2 from the cluster by this way:

cc stopsystem

[root@hadoop-slave01 ~]# cc unassigndbrootpmconfig 9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 pm2

unassigndbrootpmconfig   Wed Jul 30 09:20:01 2014


DBRoot IDs assigned to 'pm2' = 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16


Changes being applied


DBRoot IDs assigned to 'pm2' = 


   Successfully Unassigned DBRoots 


[root@hadoop-slave01 ~]# cc alterSystem-disableModule pm2

altersystem-disablemodule   Wed Jul 30 09:32:06 2014


This command stops the processing of applications on a Module within the Calpont System

           Do you want to proceed: (y or n) [n]: y


   Stopping Modules


   Successful stop of Modules 


   Disabling Modules

   Successful disable of Modules 


[root@hadoop-slave01 ~]# cc removeModule pm2

removemodule   Wed Jul 30 09:33:54 2014




This command does a stop and remove a module from the Calpont System

           Do you want to proceed: (y or n) [n]: y



Removing Module(s) pm2, please wait...


Remove Module successfully completed


[root@hadoop-slave01 ~]# cc startsystem

startsystem   Wed Jul 30 09:35:25 2014

   System being started, please wait...

   Successful start of System 


root@hadoop-slave01 ~]# cc getsystems                   

getsystemstatus   Wed Jul 30 09:38:08 2014


System infinidb-theta


System and Module statuses


Component     Status                       Last Status Change

------------  --------------------------   ------------------------

System        ACTIVE                       Wed Jul 30 09:36:30 2014


Module um1    ACTIVE                       Wed Jul 30 09:36:15 2014

Module pm1    ACTIVE                       Wed Jul 30 09:35:58 2014

Module pm3    ACTIVE                       Wed Jul 30 09:36:03 2014


Active Parent OAM Performance Module is 'pm1'


But when i try to load data to db from um1,it try to got pm2 info even i only try to import data to pm1

here is the err message and system status:


[root@hadoop-master todb]# cpimport -m2 -P1 -s '\t' test usersum -l /root/todb/SUM_20140729080000.txt
2014-07-30 09:58:07 (19852) ERR  : Exception on getModuleStatus on module pm2:  Invalid Parameter passed in getModuleStatus API
[root@hadoop-master todb]# cpimport -m2 -s '\t' test usersum -l /root/todb/SUM_20140729080000.txt    
2014-07-30 09:58:26 (19938) ERR  : Exception on getModuleStatus on module pm2:  Invalid Parameter passed in getModuleStatus API
[root@hadoop-master todb]# cc getsystems
WARNING: running on non Parent OAM Module, can't make configuration changes in this session.
         Access Console from 'pm1' if you need to make changes.
getsystemstatus   Wed Jul 30 09:58:35 2014
System infinidb-theta
System and Module statuses
Component     Status                       Last Status Change
------------  --------------------------   ------------------------
System        ACTIVE                       Wed Jul 30 09:56:51 2014
Module um1    ACTIVE                       Wed Jul 30 09:56:48 2014
Module pm1    ACTIVE                       Wed Jul 30 09:56:30 2014
Module pm3    ACTIVE                       Wed Jul 30 09:56:38 2014
Active Parent OAM Performance Module is 'pm1'