AMI Installation for combined server error

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AMI Installation for combined server error

Hi, I am trying to run the amazonConfig-1pm.xml configuration with these edits on the AMI (m2.2xlarge) Instance type:


UserModuleInstances: i-a23c9faa

PerformanceModuleInstances: i-a23c9faa

Region: us-west-2

x509CertificationFile: /root/certificate-infiniDB.pem

x509PrivateFile: /root/private-infiniDB-key.pem


I've made no other changes to the xml config file.  I am receiving:

> ./amazonInstaller -c amazonConfig-1pm.xml
This is the Amazon InfiniDB AMI System Configuration and Installation tool.
It will Configure and startup an Amazon InfiniDB System.
It will read the system configuration settings from amazonConfig-1pm.xml
ERROR: Failed to get Instance ID, double check configuration setting. exiting...
What have I left out?
Thanks for your help.


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AMI Installation for combined server error




The only two setting that would have need to be updated in the .xml file for a single server install would be the x509 settings.