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Sanjay Vekaria
New Releases

It would be useful to know what features a new release contains compared to the previous releases.

Even though I look at the bug launchpad, it is difficult to determine exactly what features/fixes a new release addresses and how that can help me. I think it almost requires a pseudo marketing piece so that users know what benefits come with the new version.

On a practical level this would allow me to do a quick cost/benefit analysis of upgrading. Everytime there is a new update, we inevitably have to recode some of our queries which takes time ("cost"), and therefore I only want to do this if the Benefit justifies it.

p.s. perhaps put it here?

p.p.s. now noticed the release notes in the download section, but the text file is hard to read (in notepad anyway).

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David Walling
Re: New Releases

I second this request, common practive is to have a single page listing the release notes for all previous versions.

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Robert Adams
Re: New Releases


We have added a new category to our documentation page.

This category contains the release notes for all the 2.2 packages.

Thanks for the suggestion.