Joins using Derived Tables

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Mick Francis
Joins using Derived Tables


In several cases we need to carry out a join between tables, one or more of which is a Derived Table. For example,

create table t1(c char(1)) engine=infinidb;
create table t2(c char(1)) engine=infinidb;

select * from t1,(select c from t2)t where t1.c=t.c;

With InfiniDB this gives:

ERROR 138 (HY000): IDB-1002: 't1' has incompatible column type specified for join condition.

whereas with InnoDB (for example) it is fine.

Is this a known limitation? If so, are there any plans to fix?

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Jim Tommaney
Re:Joins using Derived Tables

Definitely a bug related to our new subquery/derived table functionality, it also show up with other char/varchar types on 1.1.0-1 Alpha for me. I can executed standard joins with these datatypes, but not derived table joins. This should be fixed before final/ga, but not sure yet which patch.

Numerics appear to be ok in Alpha with subquery/derived table joins.

Thanks - Jim Tommaney