Joins between InfiniDB and MyISAM/InnoDB

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Joins between InfiniDB and MyISAM/InnoDB


I'm trying to migrate system developed on Symfony and Doctrine from InnoDB to InfiniDB. Because of different limitations of InfiniDB like foreign keys, data types and other the process is quit complex.

So, I would like to know if there is any way to make joins between InfiniDB and MyISAM/InnoDB.

Thank you.

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Re:Joins between InfiniDB and MyISAM/InnoDB

It is possible to join tables between InfiniDB and MyISAM/InnoDB using the Operating Mode as documented in the Syntax Guide, section Operating Mode.

Setting infinidb_vtable_mode = 0 will allow the joins to work.

[b]BUT this means that all of the query processing will by done by MyISAM performing row-by-row processing. So you will not be receiving any of the performance benefits from InfiniDB.[/b]

So if there is a small case where you need to do this, this might be OK. But doing it across a large sample of data, as stated, you aren't utilizing the performance from InfiniDB.