Hello from the UK!

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Iain Frerichs
Hello from the UK!

Hello all.

Just playing with InfiniDB for now - it's a possiblility for the long-term data storage / analysis of all the data we collect using our transactional application. At the moment we just replicate to MyISAM (filtering out any deletes we make on the short-term DB's tables).

Top Tip:
If you want to overload a development server, I would recommend adding an InfiniDB instance (plus associated MySQL server) to a configuration containing 2 MySQL cluster storage nodes, 2 MySQL Servers for the cluster, a replication MySQL server, a MySQL Proxy and tomcat5 running your application!

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david hill
Re:Hello from the UK!

Welcome! Thanks for your post and your tip..

And please let us know how your tests go - we'd love to get your feedback