ERROR 122 (HY000): CAL0001: Create table Failed:

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rasheeda ka
ERROR 122 (HY000): CAL0001: Create table Failed:

Hi ,

i am new to InfiniDB . Recently in our company i was provided a server with Linux as OS and 5.1.39 MySQL Embedded / InfiniDB Enterprise Edition 2.0-1 GA .

Tried to create a simple table using InfiniDB. But i am getting the following error

mysql> create table student (id integer,name varchar(100))ENGINE=InfiniDB;

ERROR 122 (HY000): CAL0001: Create table Failed:
DDLPackageProcessor::writeSysTableMetaData WE: Error updating calpont.systable: a BRM get hwm error. [BRM error status: FAILED]

Checked with Engines

mysql> show engines \G;
*************************** 2. row ***************************
Engine: InfiniDB
Support: YES
Comment: Calpont InfiniDB storage engine
Transactions: YES
Savepoints: NO

Please help me regarding this. Thanks in advance

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david hill
Re:ERROR 122 (HY000): CAL0001: Create table Failed:

Based on the error, looks like there is a problem with the DBRM data. Possibly an install issue.

Since you are using the Enterprise Edition, you can contact us at community AT for direct support.

David H