Default storage engine cant be changed!

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Lodewijk Wiggers
Default storage engine cant be changed!

From ETL tools perspective it would be handy that through either mysql startup parameters or through session parameters, to set the default storage engine. Most ETL tools will create correct table create statements, but without the engine=XYZ part at the end.

I tried to alter the default storage engine to InfiniDB in the startup parameters file, but then i get unpredictable behaviour, because in infinidb_vtable schema, the code wants to create MyISAM tables. Try it yourself and you see what i mean.

I also tried it with altering the session parameters, but same problem.

Please, Calpont, just recode this: put ENGINE=MyISAM yourself in your code for the tables created in your own infinidb_vtable schema, so i can have my ETL tool create InfiniDB engine tables without specifying the engine type!

Small change for you, big change for the ETL-er.

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Robert Adams
Re: Default storage engine cant be changed!


We have been tracking this as an issue on our road map, however it is not currently scheduled.

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