data fragmentation as a result of deletes

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Gautam Saxena
data fragmentation as a result of deletes

If we started deleting whole chunks of data (eg a whole project is deleted, so all the data in all tables that correspond that 1 project is deleted), would the Infinidb db be fragmented? (I believe Oracle used to get fragmented as a result). If so, is the fragmentation a performance bottleneck? (In case it helps, all the data that is to be deleted would have been loaded at the same time -- so I'm guessing it appears in the same part of disk.) If performance would degrade, how should one unfragment it?

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Robert Dempsey
Re: data fragmentation as a result of deletes

Yes, the database files will become fragmented. How much, if at all, that affects performance will depend on many variables. The Enterprise version of InfiniDB includes partition management tools that can make such mass deletions a little easier and avoid fragmentation.

If the performance after delete is not acceptable, you will have to export the table and re-import it.