can not add um module using addModule command

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Salmon Fish
can not add um module using addModule command

hi there

for now i have 1 UM and 3 PMs in my system, and i wanna add a new UM via below comand.
[code] addModule um 1 server_hostname server_root_password [/code]

but got below message in err.log
addModule - ERROR: Remote login test failed, Invalid IP / Password

and below message in debug.log
addModule - GOS Package found:/root/dbscale*4.0.1-1*.bin.tar.gz
/usr/local/GOS/bin/ abc123 ls

and nothing else.

anyone has similar issues?

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david hill
Re: can not add um module using addModule command

Hum, a number of strange things show here.

1. Why GOS package and GOS in directory instead of 'calpont'?
2. Found wrong package in /root, dbscale instead of 'infinidb'.
3. And login failure. On the login failure, can you log into the server via ssh using
the root user and password of abc123 from the local node? That seems to be the main error.

And if you have any ideas on question #1 or #2, please post also.

Thanks, David