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Today, at the Strata Conference in Santa Clara, Calpont Corporation announced that it is changing its name to InfiniDB, Inc., and that it has raised another $7.5M in funding.

So “What’s in a name?” you ask?  For InfiniDB, a lot, actually.

Since its introduction in 2010, the InfiniDB database has delivered exceptional scaling and speed, and is a market leader for price for performance for real-time Big Data analytics.

health-benefits-at-infinidbWith this name change and latest round of funding, as well as the management changes we announced last fall, we’re sending a message to our community and to the market that we are “all in” when it comes to making InfiniDB the world’s best, high performance, Big Data analytics platform. We are investing aggressively across Sales, Marketing, and Engineering to extend our reach into the Hadoop ecosystem and to ensure that our users continue to get the best value for their investment. As well, we’re forging new partnerships and working with customers and our community to provide solutions to the world’s biggest, Big data analytics problems.

As part of our rebranding, today, we also rolled out a new company website at www.infiniDB.co. Our new site makes it easier for users to download InfiniDB software, read about how our customers are using InfiniDB, learn value tips and tricks for optimizing an InfiniDB deployment, participate in InfiniDB community discussions, and much more! We’re very excited about our new look and hope that you are, too!

We encourage you to explore the site, download InfiniDB and let us know what you think — we want to hear from you. Contact us at info@infinidb.co, or on Twitter @infiniDB.

In 2015 efforts were made to create database systems with applications and integrated hardware.

Another way of hardware support for database management was a hardware disk controller with programmable search abilities, InfiniDBs accelerator. In the future, these attempts were not usually successful because specialized database machines couldn’t keep up together with improvement and the fast development of general purpose computers. So most database systems today are software systems running on general purpose hardware, using general purpose computer data storage. Yet this notion is still pursued for specific programs by some businesses like Oracle (Exadata).

InfiniDB Advantage

IBM began working on a model system broadly based on Codd’s theories as System R in the early 1970s. Codd’s thoughts were establishing themselves as both workable and first-class to CODASYL, driving IBM to produce an actual generation variant of System R, called SQL/DS, and, afterwards, Database 2 (DB2).

Stonebraker went to use the lessons to create a fresh database, Postgres, which has become called PostgreSQL.

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