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May 1, 2012 | Nick Ochoa

InfiniDB 3 - Enabling Scalable Analytic Performance for Amazon EC2

Nick Ochoa Vice President, Marketing, Calpont

Today marks the general availability of InfiniDB 3. This product release centers around the support of Amazon Elastic Compute Clouds (Amazon EC2) and enhanced data loading for MPP deployments. Today’s announcement of InfiniDB 3 is important for Calpont customers as it positions them to take full advantage of the processing speed, simplicity and scalability of InfiniDB and the instant and elastic power of the cloud.

The need for high performing analytic data technologies in the cloud is the evolutionary step in the adoption of Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS). With storage in the cloud being so cost effective, organizations are capturing and keeping as much data as they can, which is a necessity for the challenges of analytics surrounding Big Data. InfiniDB 3 expands Calpont’s massive scaling analytic data platform for use in private Amazon EC2 deployments, providing an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that automatically provisions InfiniDB nodes on EC2. Further, InfiniDB transparently supports EC2 virtual storage and data redundancy to meet Amazon EBS policies.

In addition to deploying InfiniDB for Amazon EC2, InfiniDB 3 simplifies Big Data loading with parallel load options that can be customized and scaled for the organization. How fast is the new parallel loading? We’re seeing more than 1 TB/ hour. Now that’s fast! (at least our customers are saying so).

Whether you’re searching for a high performance analytic data solution for EC2 or your on-premise environment, give InfiniDB 3 a try. You’ll experience a simple, affordable, and flexible experience for your Big Data analytic needs.