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July 8, 2010 | jweber

InfiniDB 1.5 Now More Performance, More Platforms

We are pleased to let you know that we have made InfiniDB 1.5 available to our Enterprise customers.  Spending the last several months in development, our Community members have had an early peak at the functionality, but today marks the completion of the Generally Available version of InfiniDB Enterprise Edition Version 1.5.  You’ll find lots to like within the new version to include the following:

  • high-speed subqueries,
  • support for running on Microsoft Windows,
  • support for several new distributed functions,
  • enhanced support for UTF-8,
  • faster concurrent query and transaction performance,
  • increased table join performance

You’ll also notice that we have a new look to go along with our new software version, we hope you like it!  Take some time to check out the new site and to review some of the enhanced content including the Migrating from MySQL to InfiniDB and A Guide to Using InfiniDB on Windows white papers.

You’ll see a lot more changes and content additions coming, so be sure to check back often!