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April 26, 2014 | Bob Wilkinson

CEO Up-date

Hi, my name is Bob Wilkinson and I am the new CEO of InfiniDB.  I am a die-hard software engineer at heart who came to InfiniDB two years ago to run product development and engineering.   I spent the better part of my formative professional years building network monitoring systems for the telco space - the scale of data flowing through these networks that had to be monitored and correlated in real-time is enough to boggle the mind.  This was obviously a “Big Data” problem in its own right, and yet one of the things that drew me to InfiniDB was the chance to solve these same type/scale of problems across a much broader swath of industries.

The thing I love most about InfiniDB is that it enables customers to tackle whole new classes of problems that would otherwise go unsolved if limited to other existing solutions and legacy business models.  I experienced this firsthand for myself at my prior company - we wanted to build an application that dealt with more data in a less aggregated form than had ever done before in the industry.  We looked at a multitude of different commercial and open-source options and they dropped out one-by-one as either the technology couldn’t meet the performance requirements or the commercial/proprietary business models were cost prohibitive.  What was left at the end - InfiniDB - a unique combination of extreme performance at scale and an open-source business model that companies can rely on to scale along with their own businesses and solutions.

The real beauty of the opportunity for InfiniDB now and over the long-term is that, whereas in years past these truly “hard” problems were limited to selected areas like carrier networks, the internet, etc., we now see them emerging from a wide swath of different industries.  From gaming engagement analytics, to retail analytics, to ad-serving, etc. customers love the ability to drop in familiar technology (MySQL, SQL, etc.) and then immediately experience transformational performance for their applications.

But before I launch into a bit of prognostication about the future, it’s worth reflecting on the recent past for InfiniDB and our re-emergence as a force in the Big Data SQL space.  We've studied the market, listened to our customers and other stakeholders, and have made some strategic choices that position the company for future success.  Over the past six months we have:

  • Embraced open-source for InfiniDB, releasing version 4 under GPLv2 license
  • Launched headlong into the Hadoop ecosystem with native Hadoop integration
  • Rebranded the company and announced a new funding round to grow for the future
  • Hired a top-notch sales and marketing team to take our message to the market
  • Added new customers and community members, seemingly almost every week
  • Enhanced our global partner program and added several strategic partnerships to extend our reach

This is all the work of a great team with a big vision for InfiniDB and shows what kind of trajectory and platform we have to build on!

In closing, I just want to relate a few thoughts and predictions on both the industry and InfiniDB.  First, at the risk of under-selling the significance of our strategy for InfiniDB, our objective is actually very simple:  more Performance, more Hadoop, more Scale, and more deployment options (InfiniDB as-a-Service anyone?)  We are also going to grow our open-source community and continue to bring (My)SQL to the Big Data masses.  From an industry perspective, we are almost undoubtedly about to enter a significant and prolonged consolidation phase.  There is clearly an over-proliferation of technologies with most of them over-hyped.  I’ll talk more specifically about a few of these areas in upcoming blog posts, but in my view, the power in the InfiniDB message is the ability to easily cut through all that hype - (My)SQL at scale in any Big Data environment.  Who doesn’t want that?

If you haven’t already done so, please visit to learn more about and download InfiniDB to see what it can do for you.  As well, please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @bobwilkinson20 with any questions, or your thoughts on what my team and I can be doing to make InfiniDB everyone's first choice when it comes to Big Data analytics - I definitely want to hear from you!

Until Next Time,