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February 15, 2012 | Nick Ochoa

Calpont Moves Up on Information Difference’s Data Warehouse Landscape for 2011

Nick Ochoa Vice President, Marketing, Calpont

Andy Hayler released his 2011 Information Difference Data Warehouse Landscape Survey on Feb 10. This is the second year Calpont has been included in the survey and we’ve made big strides over 2010, moving up the Technology axis of the landscape, surpassing both Infobright and Greenplum.

Data Warehouse Landscape Q4 2011

Data Warehouse Landscape courtesy and copyright of Information Difference

The recognition of InfiniDB’s progress in the larger data warehouse market is significant considering that the commercial product has been in the market less than two years. The real testament here, however, is the response Information Difference received from Calpont customers during the survey, which resulted in Calpont’s customer satisfaction characterization as follows:

“Based on this survey, the data warehouse vendor with the happiest customers in 2011 was Teradata, followed by Calpont, then IBM, followed by Kognitio and Kalido.”

What can we say to our customers, but a huge “Thanks!” The feedback on InfiniDB in all circles has been tremendous, and we look forward to increasing our position on the Information Difference Data Warehouse Landscape in 2012 by continuing to evolve our product set and making customer satisfaction job one.