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April 20, 2012 | Nick Ochoa

Calpont Customer Guavus Discusses Analytics as the Key to Big Data

Nick Ochoa Vice President, Marketing, Calpont

Analytics service provider Guavus recently discussed its Big Data solution with Scott Denne at the Wall Street Journal. One of the technologies it uses as part of its offering is Calpont’s InfiniDB. An early customer of Calpont, Guavus embeds InfiniDB in its Big Data platform for telecommunications analytics. InfiniDB provides Guavus with linear data scalability, real-time analytic performance, as well as easy deployment and management for its customers, who analyze churn, bundling and pricing, and network traffic and routing, in an ongoing fashion. Guavus’ analytics focus is a recurring theme in our market, with Analytics-as-a-Service as the key driver for IT and business consumers who look to maximize their budgets and resources, and service providers who reap greater revenue streams. You can read the WSJ article “Guavus Sees Analytics As Key To Big Data” here.