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December 11, 2012 | Nick Ochoa

Big Data Comes of Age - The Analytical Platform is Key to Today’s Data Architectures

Nick Ochoa Vice President, Marketing, Calpont

In 2010, the term Big Data was just finding its way in the marketplace and yet today it has become a household name across all aspects of business, not just in IT departments. By itself, the term has little ambiguity. But the implications of Big Data have driven an entirely new paradigm for data management and the systems that define and leverage data. Heterogeneous, aka “Hybrid”, data infrastructures are the norm, or quickly becoming so.

Recently, Enterprise Management Associates and 9sight Consulting researched the state of Big Data initiatives in a cross section of industries and company sizes. The EMA/9sight research was comprised of 255 Business Intelligence (BI) and data management professionals who qualified to participate in the research survey. Analytical platforms, including Calpont InfiniDB, were included in their study.

Some findings regarding Analytical Platforms…

  1. Companies are further along in their Big Data projects when it comes to Analytic Platform vs. other platforms.
  2. Nearly 30% of respondents said that $25m to $100m of their overall IT budget is dedicated to analytic platforms.
  3. 53% of respondents analyze 1 to 250 Terabytes of data, with the analytic platform being the primary data engine for analysis.

Some insights from respondents considering Calpont InfiniDB

  1. 57% of respondents considering Calpont said they have a project planned for Calpont InfiniDB in 4-6 months.
  2. 57% of those same respondents also claimed that the driving force behind their use of InfiniDB is for faster processing of complex datasets.
  3. 64% of those same respondents are processing between 10-250 terabytes of data with InfiniDB

These findings aren’t surprising, as modern data technologies for analytics, like Calpont InfiniDB, provide unmatched scale and performance. However, there’s quite of bit of confusion with so many technologies available in the market. Matching application workloads is important to selecting the right technology, and why a hybrid design for data management is crucial in today’s era of Big Data.

Calpont is pleased to offer the “Big Data Comes of Age” full report free of charge. Download the Free Report

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