Our Company

Big Data Analytics is What We Do Best

Based in Frisco, TX, InfiniDB is a company passionate about empowering data superstars to solve problems and create new solutions with powerful Big Data analytics.  Our people are trailblazers in Big Data analytics, and our solutions transform businesses by enabling analytic insights that reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies, and uncover new business opportunities. 

We Created InfiniDB® for Data-driven Businesses...Like Yours

Our InfiniDB® database was designed to be simple to set-up, manage, and use.  Columnar technology and massive parallel processing (MPP) enable near real-time analytics and exceptional scaling.  As your data needs grow, so does our analytics platform – without compromising cost or performance.

Great Software Should Be Accessible to All

We believe that users should have the freedom to choose the technology that best suits their Big Data analytics needs, without fear of vendor lock-in, exorbitant licensing costs, or extensive retooling.  InfiniDB, InfiniDB for the Cloud, and InfiniDB for Apache Hadoop™ are 100% open source and MySQL accessible, ensuring customers are free to use best-of-breed technology, while protecting their SQL investments.