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EM-Cluster-ViewColumn Database Accelerates Insights for Analytics, BI, and Data Warehouse

Discover how easy it is to transform your business with real-time reporting and ad hoc Big Data analytics.

With our 60-day trial, you can start using Enterprise Edition to:

  • Enhance your customer experience with real-time, predictive analytics
  • Increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs with interactive reporting
  • Identify new revenue generating products or services by uncovering patterns and trends in your data

A key feature of your trial is the InfiniDB Enterprise Manager (beta) — InfiniDB’s new administrative console for administering InfiniDB and real-time visibility into the performance and availability of your InfiniDB servers.


InfiniDB Standard Edition

infinidb-database InfiniDB Standard Edition is our 100% open source version of InfiniDB. If you’re new to InfiniDB, download our Standard Edition to learn more about our platform and just ‘kick the tires’ a bit. Read our latest announcement to keep up to date.

InfiniDB For The Cloud

InfiniDB For The Cloud enables you to deploy massively scalable high-performance analytics applications in Amazon Web Services (AWS) with dynamic provisioning. Both use the latest version of MySQL 5.7.

  • We Love Apache Hadoop™
  • InfiniDB for Apache Hadoop™

Integrates with the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and enables you to perform real-time, high-performance, ad hoc analytics within your Apache Hadoop Cluster, using familiar SQL tools and know-how.

Get Started

main-infinidb-apache-serverDo Big Data From Anywhere. InfiniDB is simple to set up and can be used on premise or in the cloud.

Dynamic provisioning makes it easy for you to deploy massively scalable, high performance analytics applications in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

What is a Database

Formally, a “data bank” relates to some set of related advice in addition to the way it is ordered. The option of these tips is usually distributed by through a “database administration system” (DBMS) containing an integrated team of a software application that allows customers to socialize with at least one databases. It also provides access to most of the data inside the database (even though restrictions might exist that limit utilization of detailed info). InfiniDB supplies various purposes that give strategies allow accessibility, storage and access of large quantities of information and to handle that information is ordered.

Where the size, as well as utilization demands, necessitate the use of a database management system, this short article is concerned just with databases.

Present InfiniDB supply various functions that permit direction of its information and a database which is often categorized into four main functional groups:

  • Info definition – InfiniDB update of rows and column database.
  • Update – Insertion, alteration, and deletion of the specific info.
  • Retrieval – guiding other applications or added processing in a form. The advice that was found may be produced accessible in a variety merely as it is in a brand new kind stored in the database or obtained by mixing or altering info that was current in the database.
  • Management – Making do with concurrency control and monitoring customers, using information protection, monitoring functioning, saving information integrity, registering, and recovering guidance which is damaged by some occasion such as an unexpected failure.

Database machines are usually multiprocessor computers, with considerable memory useful for safe-keeping which is secure and drives arrays. With RAID disk arrays and ample memory used for storage, that is stable. RAID may be used for collection of InfiniDB database info in the event the CDs neglect. Hardware database accelerators, connected by way of a high-velocity course to at least one hosts, are also located in volume transaction-processing environments that were enormous.

server_rack_closeup netrack_right

InfiniDB can be found during most database applications. Storage and PC sellers often just take into consideration DBMS states within their particular improvement methods since DBMSs include a relevant economic market.

Financial Currency Databases

tradergroup-optionInfiniDB is building databases for various financial institutions. We recently built a foreign exchange tracking system. This system is used by The Trader Group and was very successful in the initial implementations. The database tables included all Forex currencies that are currently live. That is over 100 different values.

The main implementation was mentioned in the Forex Megadroid review conducted by Trader Group. Additional elements were mentioned parallel MariaDB version. The robot is able to make many calculations per second.

Our team encourages the new documentation to be more widely available to the market. In 2016, InfiniDB separated from its consumer based product, and offers a more versatile individualized solution to private banks and businesses.

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