31 High School Diploma Template & Fake Transcripts

Is your student about to complete your high school education? Then, you would probably look forward to hosting a graduation ceremony in a couple of months to felicitate your student with a high school diploma template certificate.

diploma template
This certificate will act as the interface to more opportunities for the rest of your life.

That’s why it is important to order or select free high school diplomas certificates that look unique as well as professional. It must represent a certain quality of the institution or the quality of homeschooling at first glance.

High School Diploma Template Word Download

Free High School Diploma Templates & Fake Transcripts

Before you create a certificate on your own, you can take advantage of the trustworthy and credible templates available at this site that will ease your work and look authentic.

Blank High school diploma templates

Blank high school diploma template

High School Diploma Template

If you are already aware of how a fake high school diploma template printable look like, then all you need is a free blank high school diploma template where you can directly fill the important details such as student name, institution name, and date of graduation and authorized signatures. Both the outlooks look professional and have crisp information about your course. For best results, these printable diploma templates can be printed and then signed instead of trying to sign it online first. You can also include a space for email address in this.

Instructional diploma templates

It is not always possible for you to know what a free degree certificate contains. Since this document is what you carry for the next few years, the details in it should be as accurate as possible. You can achieve this high degree of accuracy with the instructional designs that you find below.

Diploma Template

Fake Diploma Templates

One of the designs contains the logo of the institution where you graduated and the other has a logo along with the provision for 4 signatures from dignitaries.

High school diploma templates with seal

The inclusion of hologram to a free certificate indicates uniqueness and richness of standards. If your institution is highly recognized in the education industry, it is a good choice to include hologram to it to enhance the quality. This template has a hologram with the symbol of victory.

High School Diploma Template with seal

Certificate in portrait mode

Most of the diploma certificates are in the landscape (horizontal) mode these days but still, you can customize to the portrait (vertical) mode if you wish to.

This template will be of great help as the text and image are already aligned and the signature is also present. All you need to do is edit the student information and start using.

Home school diploma certificate

If the student has attended a free home school instead of a regular and full-time high school educational institution to pursue the course, then you need to create the certificate accordingly. It is important to mention the term ‘home’ to the degree to indicate the recipient that the student has graduated from homeschooling.

High School Diploma Template word


Homeschool generally has a name to it which you can add at the header and footer. The signatures at the footer should be that of the administrators (or parents of the student). This template is editable in Word document.

diploma templates

Diploma of graduation format

Few educational institutions mention the term ‘diploma of graduation’ instead of High school diploma templates. This term actually makes it more professional and sounds like the student has officially graduated without any doubts on credibility. This format also includes seal and hologram and can be customized as per the choice of educational institution.

diplomas templates

diplomas templates

Note: You can use the same format if the student has pursued under homeschooling pattern.

Special design for students with honors

There is always a difference between the students based on the marks secured. Students with distinction are awarded the honors certificate during the ceremony and this has to differentiate from the rest of the layouts as the former is always special and is highly valued by the colleges and employers.

diplomas templates

This design is exclusively created for students who have secured honors and is directly editable online.

Simple college diploma templates

This free diploma is not just restricted to kindergarten and high schools but is categorized as a separate course of study in a particular subject. Similar to how a student is awarded this certificate during high school, the college also performs the same.

Diploma Templates

Fake High School Diploma Template

Diploma Templates

These free templates have the terms ‘college’ or ‘university’ and you can use them based on your convenience (editable online).

Kindergarten Diploma templates

In general, the kindergarten ceremony includes a lot of fun and creativity and the institutions create interesting designs for their certificates and felicitate the tiny tots during the event. The certificate need not be extremely professional. You can play with colors and text too but make sure that it includes information like the school name, student name, date of graduation and signatures.

Kindergarten Diploma Kindergarten Diploma HS Printable 17

You can see the clip arts in these templates that are visually appealing and act as clear evidence to indicate that the receiver is a kid.

High school Fake transcript template – Diploma Template Download

Along with the certificate, many schools also attempt to issue the transcripts with which the student can apply for the next step without having to wait for the original copy.

Fake Transcripts HS Printable 20

This document should include the course details, credits and degree earned. Both the templates here are detailed and can be used to edit and include college terms as well.

Authorization template from institution to pick up diploma template

There are instances when the educational institutions conduct graduation ceremony at a later time when the student might not be able to receive the certificate. On the other hand, the authorization letter can also serve as an invitation letter that is to be sent to the student.

diplomas templates printable

This template is extremely professional and also includes the logo of the college making it more credible.

Important aspects of high school diplomas & Fake College Transcripts

Before you finalize the design of your diplomas, you should pay attention to certain aspects including:

  • Text – keywords like ‘to certify that’, ‘has successfully completed’ and ‘in the year’ are important in every certificate of all the diplomas.
  • Proper alignment of margins
  • Indentation
  • Center alignment
  • Font style
  • Clarity of seal
  • Choice of images
  • Legibility
  • Type of paper used

Perhaps after you download, the printable diplomas should not look distorted as you print the design. So, keep this checklist handy.

Fake Transcripts Printable Collection

Here is some fake transcripts collection that you can use for university and college for free. These are free ones but you can also order or buy the ones you like from sites those offer them.

Fake Transcripts University printable

Fake Transcripts Order printable

Fake Transcripts Buy printable

Fake Transcripts college printable

These fake college transcripts can be used for many purposes. These college transcripts must be used alongside college diploma templates so the whole package looks more genuine and there is no scope of doubt. These university transcripts are as important as other certificates (security paper) and hence must be used correctly for college or university.


Now that you have got adequate formats to use for different instances, the next step is to print on the parchment paper and issue during the graduation ceremony. The design you choose will be treasured by the students forever as it recreates memories as well as offers a pool of opportunities.